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Welcome To Robbins Reef Yacht Club

The Officers and members welcome you to Robbins Reef Yacht Club. We ask for your cooperation and observance of our rules.

The privileges of the Club and the use of its facilities are extended to members in good standing of any Club which offers use of its facilities to members of Robbins Reef Yacht Club.  A current membership card must be presented. All visiting boaters and their guests must register at the Club House. Once you are properly registered, you are welcome to relax in our air conditioned Club House Bar, knock back a few cold ones at our water front Tiki Bar or picnic or BBQ in our lawn area. Enjoy your visit.

Our guest dock is a “T” dock located inside the basin, east and parallel to our western sea wall.  There is no charge for daily use of our guest dock. Overnight Use is $1.00 per linear foot per night.  Visitors may not enter any slip or tie up anywhere else in the harbor without first obtaining permission from either the Fleet Captain or another designated officer.

The Club may, from time to time, restrict guest berthing because of scheduled Club events.  Space is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so visitors should phone ahead to determine space availability.

Fuel (gasoline only) and emergency haul out is available on site.  Heads are available outside by the Tiki Bar and inside the Club House. Showers are also available on the second floor of the Club House. Water and electric is available on all docks throughout the basin.

Dress is casual and informal. Shirts and footwear must be worn at all times when in the Club House. All members are responsible for themselves and for their guests. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought onto or removed from the Club premises at any time. Pets must be leashed at all times and are not allowed in the Club House. Smoking is not allowed in the Club House. Ice is available on request from the bartender. We do not cash checks or accept credit cards. Checks are accepted only for purchases made at Robbins Reef Yacht Club.

 The Club House opens at 11:30 hours 7 days a week.

Groceries, pharmacy, fast food, banks, shops and restaurants are located with in walking distance of the Club.

Marine supplies on hand are limited, but can be readily ordered.  Hardware supplies are available at a few local shops within walking distance.
Hall can only be booked by a member of Robbins Reef Yacht Club and through the Hall or Vice-Hall Chairman.

The area in front of each dock platform is a loading zone. Parking is limited to 15 minutes in these areas.

The boat launch area must be kept clear of parked vehicles in the case of an emergency requiring the haul out of a vessel.

Only boat owners will be allowed to dock their vessel in the basin or use the launch ramp.

No boat shall use electricity on the dock unless it is metered.

Boats docked on the southern side of the main dock shall pay for a minimum of 30 feet. The northern side of the main dock and the south docks shall pay for a minimum of 24 feet.

All boats shall be tied properly with appropriate thickness lines. If the Fleet Captain or Fleet Surgeon determines that a boat must be re-tied, the boat owner must comply immediately; otherwise, the boat owner will be billed for new line and a labor rate of $20.00 per hour.

All boats shall be tied properly to prevent bow pulpits and anchors from hanging over the dock and endangering pedestrians.

No dinghies, row boats or debris will be left on the docks. Dinghies will be in designated areas as assigned by the Fleet Captain.

All boat owners shall comply with the U.S. Coast Guard regulations pertaining to the storing of flammable liquids aboard their vessel while docked at or on Club property. Violators will be fined and reported to the proper authorities.
Fueling of vessel using portable containers or pumps is NOT permitted on Club property. Fuel containers are only allowed for vessels without internal fuel tanks.

Open fires, including barbecues, are not permitted at the Club dock or in the basin areas including the berths.

All boats are subject to inspection in order to comply with Club rules and applicable laws. No commercial crab traps are allowed in the basin or attached to any Club property.

No major repairs or maintenance on boats is permitted while at the Club docks. The ramp area must be kept clear at all times. Club tractors or trailers are utilized on a first-come, first-serve basis. Vessels in distress taking refuge there should coordinate their needs with the Fleet Captain or Board of Governor Member as soon as possible.

Distresses vessels can remain on the Club trailer for no longer than 24 hours. After which, the vessel must be removed from Club trailer and blocked appropriately to accommodate other members and/or emergencies.

Routine maintenance of vessels (cleaning, oil changes, painting, etc) is NOT permitted on Club trailers.

Notify the Fleet Measurer for placement of a vessel in the yard. All vessels must be safely blocked while on Club Property. Violators will be fined $10.00 per day.

Yard must be kept clean. Guests are responsible for the area around and under their vessel and must trap it for capturing and containing hazardous products (oil, antifreeze, gas, diesel, bottom paint particulates, etc) as a result of work or cleaning being performed. Any fines or penalties imposed on the Club by local, state, or federal agencies (EPA, DEP, etc) will be the responsibility of the offending party.

Boats which tie or remain at the Club Dock without permission are subject to being removed at the expense of the owner and may be impounded for dockage fees and costs of removal.

Robbins Reef Yacht Club is a member only operation. No guest is ever required to pay a member for any service utilizing Club assets (tractor, trailers, etc).

Since we do not hire employees we police ourselves. Please understand if you are asked for your identification. This is for your protection as well as the protection of our members and their property.